Employee Testimonials

Paul Smith

Position: QSE Advisor
Joined: September 2014
Location: Glasgow depot & office

Kym Whitehall

Position: Commercial Analyst
Joined: November 2012
Location: Glasgow office

“Energetics gave me the chance to apply my Health & Safety qualifications and knowledge, and gain excellent hands-on experience, despite my background being in Facilities Management rather than the Multi-Utility sector. The company is growing rapidly with a lot of opportunities, and it feels exciting to be part of Energetics’ future.”

“If you have a degree but are struggling to find work directly related, it’s good to know that at Energetics your skills and qualifications will be considered for similar opportunities. I believe I am a great example of the support and nurturing Energetics offers to younger people and graduates.”

Nana Sarpong

Position: Quality Safety & Environmental Advisor
Joined: July 2014
Location: Warrington, depot & office

“Working for Energetics, a leading IDNO, I feel that I’m valued and not just a ‘faceless number’; it is extremely rewarding being acknowledged for my contribution to the business, and I get job satisfaction everyday knowing that I’ve made a positive difference to the company, my career, and most importantly, to my customers.”

Client Testimonials